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[Call for Papers]

Authors are invited to submit original unpublished work that is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere via the various tracks hosted by ICFTMM 2020.

Track 1: Advanced and Smart Material

Track 2: Advanced Manufacturing

Track 3: Design Modeling and Mechanics

Track 4: Thermal & Fluid Engineering


Track 1: Advanced and Smart Material

Composite Materials (MMC, PMC, CMC etc.)

Bio Materials


Shape memory alloys

Piezoelectric Materials

Multifunctional Smart Materials


Track 2: Advanced Manufacturing

Computer-based manufacturing technologies:  CNC, CAD, CAM, FMS, CIM, etc.

Machining (traditional and non-traditional processes)

Rapid manufacturing technologies and prototyping

Advanced welding processes (friction stir, magnetic arc, etc.)

Metallic alloys and metal casting

Tribology and surface engineering

Sustainable and green manufacturing

Machinability and formability of materials

Friction and wear of materials, corrosion resistance

Bulk deformation processes and sheet metal forming

Materials processing and characterization

Precision Engineering

Renewable/Non Renewable energy technology


Track 3: Design Modeling and Mechanics

Machinery and machine elements

Mechanical structures and stress analysis

Mechatronics and robotics

Computational mechanics

FEM modeling and simulation

Solid mechanics and structural mechanics

Theoretical and applied mechanics

Dynamic System and control


Track 4: Thermal & Fluid Engineering 

Applied Thermodynamics and Heat transfer

Lubricants and lubrication

Hydrostatic transmissions and pneumatic

Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics